WPF applications and DataObjects.Net

During last two weeks I've been working on new WPF sample for DataObjects.Net. In contrast to existing WPF-sample it will embrace wide variety of scenarios usually used in WPF or WinForms applications. The first version of the sample will be built as 2-tier application using DisconnectedState approach. It will be mainly focused on following aspects:

 - Working with Sessions and DisconnectedStates
 - Managing WPF events
 - Data binding

By this moment I am communicating with several community members who use DataObjects.Net in WPF applications. There are a lot of questions and support requests related to these aspects.

By the way, I'd like to provide two versions of this application: Plain WPF and MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel pattern) version. Surely MVVM  is the most attractive pattern to use in WPF application. On other hand, it's rather difficult to find good real-life MVVM implementation example.

My optimistic plan implies that some ready for use sample will be published till the New Year.

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